Waste Management

Waste Management

We are dedicated to giving our clients a one-stop-shop comprehensive waste management solution to help them satisfy the stringent requirements of local and international regulatory bodies as well as adhere to the internal values and operating standards of their global network organizations. Service offerings include:

  • Removal of wastes from reserve pits: This involves the disposal of wasted such as drilling fluids and produced waters stored in reserve/burrow pits
  • Drill muds and cuttings treatment and disposal: This involves the treatment of Oil- Contaminated drill muds and cuttings to remove oil residues by landfilling (using encapsulation method).
  • Disposal of offshore and inshore vessel tank waste: This includes the cleaning of tank unit for offshore rigs, cleaning of supply boats as well as production storages for gas testing and gas waste expulsion.
  • Removal, treatment and disposal of environmental solid and liquid waste: This includes waste audit at site operations as well as chemical spill clean-up and disposal operations

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We take all customer demands as critical, providing the best products with the most reasonable price. Our supplies are customer-oriented to improve customer production efficiency. Our goal is to continue to introduce advanced strategies and technologies when supplying core products to ensure that they are free from defects.

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