Production Optimization

Production Optimization

At Telmek, we understand that one of the biggest challenges faced by our clients id to increase productivity and extend the life of their wells. This is why we offer a range of technology driven solutions such as FLUX to help our clients achieve their well’s maximum potential and return.
Flux is an advanced technology that allows you access to a highly-intelligent dashboard which gives you real-time insight into your fleet operations, allowing you to better monitor your runtime and maximize your investments. Benefits of our production optimization solutions include:

  • Maximization of well potential
  • Increase in site revenue.
  • Automated production for optimal capacity
  • Real-time monitoring and notifications
  • Opportunity to react to changing conditions based on alert system
  • Advanced technology, proven machinery

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We take all customer demands as critical, providing the best products with the most reasonable price. Our supplies are customer-oriented to improve customer production efficiency. Our goal is to continue to introduce advanced strategies and technologies when supplying core products to ensure that they are free from defects.

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