Our Values

Our Values

As a company, we are distinguished by a set of five basic principles that serve as the cornerstone of how we conduct business. These are the principles that each member of our team upholds, and they are what makes us who we are.

  •  Integrity: In all of our dealings, we uphold the highest ethical standards and keep our word when it comes to delivering what was promised. This stems from the pure motivation to do what is right and be known for the high level of ethical standard we abide by as a company.
  • Quality: In order to guarantee customer satisfaction, profitability, the future of our employees, and our expansion, we take pride in offering high-quality products and services that we stand behind.
  • Safety: In all our processes and operations, we ensure that safety comes first. This includes the safety of our employees and workforce, assets, host communities and environment in which we operate in.
  • Teamwork: We believe that teamwork is one of the most important tools for organizational efficiency. Which is why we create a working environment where everyone feels heard, seen and recognized for their value as an employee and as an individual.
  • Commitment: As an organisation, we are committed to operational excellence and client satisfaction regardless of any given situation. This inspires our employees to put in their best at all times.

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Who We Are

Telmek Global Resources (TGR) is an indigenous Oil and Gas Servicing Company renowned for the level of support we provide to our clients and their operations.
At TGR, we use our vast experience, knowledge, time, tools and skills to ensure that our clients gain comparative advantage in the oil and gas industry.
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