Offshore services

Offshore services

One of the major challenges for offshore business operations is the discovery and production of oil and gas reservoirs in a variety of sea depths. The technological difficulties of such projects are continuously growing as these subsea ventures move farther offshore and into deeper waters. Telmek is able to provides solutions that cater for near-shore operations to ultra-deep water activities. Our range of offshore services include:

  • Offshore construction support services
  • Provision of specialised pipeline inspection, maintenance and repair services for pipeline valves, pipeline equipment and components such as barrel doors and accessories, barrel door seals, non-intrusive pig signallers and pressure gauges.
  • Dive support operations (Air and Saturation)
  • Subsea asset integrity
  • Remote survey solutions
  • ROV, AUV and ASV shallow and deep water services
  • Fabrication of steels member/spools/structures
  • Pipeline/Riser/Jumper coating repairs
  • Cathodic protection repairs
  • Process commissioning, maintenance, decommissioning, isolation and re-commissioning of pipeline after repairs.
  • Pipe Laying and Cable laying operations.

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